Source code for pymor.models.interfaces

# This file is part of the pyMOR project (
# Copyright 2013-2019 pyMOR developers and contributors. All rights reserved.
# License: BSD 2-Clause License (

from pymor.core.cache import CacheableInterface
from pymor.core.interfaces import abstractmethod
from pymor.parameters.base import Parametric

[docs]class ModelInterface(CacheableInterface, Parametric): """Interface for model objects. A model object defines a discrete problem via its `class` and the |Operators| it contains. Furthermore, models can be :meth:`solved <ModelInterface.solve>` for a given |Parameter| resulting in a solution |VectorArray|. Attributes ---------- solution_space |VectorSpace| of the solution |VectorArrays| returned by :meth:`solve`. output_space |VectorSpace| of the model output |VectorArrays| returned by :meth:`output` (typically `NumpyVectorSpace(k)` where `k` is a small). linear `True` if the model describes a linear problem. products Dict of inner product operators associated with the model. """ solution_space = None output_space = None linear = False products = dict() @abstractmethod def _solve(self, mu=None, return_output=False, **kwargs): """Perform the actual solving.""" pass
[docs] def solve(self, mu=None, return_output=False, **kwargs): """Solve the discrete problem for the |Parameter| `mu`. The result will be :mod:`cached <pymor.core.cache>` in case caching has been activated for the given model. Parameters ---------- mu |Parameter| for which to solve. return_output If `True`, the model output for the given |Parameter| `mu` is returned as a |VectorArray| from :attr:`output_space`. Returns ------- The solution |VectorArray|. When `return_output` is `True`, the output |VectorArray| is returned as second value. """ mu = self.parse_parameter(mu) return self.cached_method_call(self._solve, mu=mu, return_output=return_output, **kwargs)
[docs] def output(self, mu=None, **kwargs): """Return the model output for given |Parameter| `mu`. Parameters ---------- mu |Parameter| for which to compute the output. Returns ------- The computed model output as a |VectorArray| from `output_space`. """ return self.solve(mu=mu, return_output=True, **kwargs)[1]
[docs] def estimate(self, U, mu=None): """Estimate the model error for a given solution. The model error could be the error w.r.t. the analytical solution of the given problem or the model reduction error w.r.t. a corresponding high-dimensional |Model|. Parameters ---------- U The solution obtained by :meth:`~solve`. mu |Parameter| for which `U` has been obtained. Returns ------- The estimated error. """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def visualize(self, U, **kwargs): """Visualize a solution |VectorArray| U. Parameters ---------- U The |VectorArray| from :attr:`~ModelInterface.solution_space` that shall be visualized. """ raise NotImplementedError