Source code for pymor.grids.gmsh

# This file is part of the pyMOR project (
# Copyright 2013-2019 pyMOR developers and contributors. All rights reserved.
# License: BSD 2-Clause License (

import numpy as np
import time

from pymor.core.config import config
from pymor.core.exceptions import MeshioMissing
from pymor.core.logger import getLogger
from pymor.grids.boundaryinfos import GenericBoundaryInfo, EmptyBoundaryInfo
from pymor.grids.unstructured import UnstructuredTriangleGrid

[docs]def load_gmsh(filename): """Parse a Gmsh file and create a corresponding :class:`GmshGrid` and :class:`GmshBoundaryInfo`. Parameters ---------- filename Path of the Gmsh MSH-file. Returns ------- grid The generated :class:`GmshGrid`. boundary_info The generated :class:`GmshBoundaryInfo`. """ if not config.HAVE_MESHIO: raise MeshioMissing('meshio is required for reading Gmsh files.') import meshio logger = getLogger('pymor.grids.gmsh.load_gmsh')'Parsing Gmsh file ...') tic = time.time() data = toc = time.time() t_parse = toc - tic if data.gmsh_periodic: raise NotImplementedError if not data.cells.keys() <= {'line', 'triangle'}: raise NotImplementedError if not np.all(data.points[:, 2] == 0): raise NotImplementedError'Create Grid ...') tic = time.time() vertices = data.points[:, :2] faces = data.cells['triangle'] grid = UnstructuredTriangleGrid.from_vertices(vertices, faces) toc = time.time() t_grid = toc - tic'Create GmshBoundaryInfo ...') tic = time.time() boundary_types = {k: v[0] for k, v in data.field_data.items() if v[1] == 1} if 'line' in data.cells and 'line' in data.cell_data and 'gmsh:physical' in data.cell_data['line']: superentities = grid.superentities(2, 1) # find the edge for given vertices. def find_edge(vertices): edge_set = set(superentities[vertices[0]]).intersection(superentities[vertices[1]]) - {-1} if len(edge_set) != 1: raise ValueError return next(iter(edge_set)) line_ids = np.array([find_edge(l) for l in data.cells['line']]) # compute boundary masks for all boundary types. masks = {} for bt, bt_id in boundary_types.items(): masks[bt] = [np.zeros(grid.size(1), dtype=bool), np.zeros(grid.size(2), dtype=bool)] masks[bt][0][line_ids] = data.cell_data['line']['gmsh:physical'] == bt_id vtx = np.sort(grid.subentities(1, 2)[np.where(masks[bt][0])]) masks[bt][1][vtx] = True bi = GenericBoundaryInfo(grid, masks) else: logger.warn('Boundary data not found. Creating empty BoundaryInfo ...') bi = EmptyBoundaryInfo(grid) toc = time.time() t_bi = toc - tic'Parsing took {t_parse}s; Grid creation took {t_grid}s; BoundaryInfo creation took {t_bi}s') return grid, bi